Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tour Tulsa

So, I was thinking on Saturday we could go visit houses, graves, whatnots. I was telling Aunt Jill this and she suggested that we charter a bus or something like that so we can all go together. Sounds like a good idea to me. I wanted to do a potluck Saturday too, I think there are enough local people to bring food to feed everyone. I love potlucks!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Family Tree

i am going to start this family tree with who i know the best....leave comments and add to it please. when i am done, i can print something better out for everyone.

Elbert Newton Wycoff>Emma James Nealis

James Ralph Wycoff> Mary Melba Breedlove

Barbara June Wycoff> Don Malcom
Ronnie Malcom>Sharon
Kerry Malcom>Sarah...SAm, Isaac, Beth
Riley Malcom
Jimmy Grant Malcom
Austin Malcom
Aubrey MAlcom

James Edward Wycoff> Charlotte Dunigan
Andrea Wycoff
Nicole Nave>Troy Campbell....Chole, David
Aaron Nave

Robin Wycoff
April Wycoff
Casey Wycoff

Marilyn Jill Wycoff> Thomas Willey
Lyn Michelle Willey>Andrew Tefertiller
Drew Tefertiller
LAuren Tefertiller
Zach Tefertiller
Jessica TEfertiller

Melanie James Willey>Danny Floyd
Rachel Retherford
Lindsey Retherford
Josh Floyd
Jack Floyd

David Ralph Wycoff> Carol Henderson
Sacha Wren>Marcos
Juniper MAe Breedlove
Beila James Rose
Kalliope Alexander Grace

Peter David Wycoff
James William Wycoff

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Photo BAckground

this is a photo i took at THE Wyckoff house in brooklyn in 2009. my boyfriend and i, now husband, took a trip to NYC in 2009. i was so excited to go to brooklyn and finally see the wyckoff house for myself. we took the train into brooklyn then caught a bus that dropped us off not too far from our destination. when we got there we found the next tour wasn't for another hour or so, so we went to the nearby mceedee's for a snack. the property is so beautiful, it is on a street cornerin this industrial looking neighborhood. the house property is surrounded by a fence and filled with prosperous gardens of flowers, vegetables and trees. we were the first people to show up for the tour, there was also another man in his 40's or so, and a small mennonite looking family of three. our tour guide took us through in a little over an hour and she was very knowledgeable about MY family history, it was odd, and she wasn't even a wycoff. the house was full of actual wycoff used furniture and things of that time. i told the guide that i was an actual wycoff, and that this was MY family history, she didn't seem to care like i thought she should care, i didn't even get a discount in the gift shop. she did take a picture of me:) maybe that was just to make me shut up though. we had fun there, i laughed, i cried, i bought the t-shirt! really i bought t-shirts. after that, the 40-something man in our group drove us to another part of brooklyn so we could eat pizza, he thought it was neat that i was a wycoff.

have you been to THE Wyckoff house? what did you think?

Family Reunion 2011

Friday, June 17 - Sunday, June 19

We all have so many memories and pictures to share. If you have Wycoff blood running through your veins, let's meet and hug, eat food, share stories, scan photos, swap emails and sing kumbaya.

Friday night we will have a meet and greet somewhere, dinner involved.
Saturday we will have the photo swap and scan, so bring your photos and laptops, we'll chat, eat, and swap family photos.
Sunday we will have a cookout and play in the park.

Tulsa, Oklahoma