Saturday, January 22, 2011

Family Tree

i am going to start this family tree with who i know the best....leave comments and add to it please. when i am done, i can print something better out for everyone.

Elbert Newton Wycoff>Emma James Nealis

James Ralph Wycoff> Mary Melba Breedlove

Barbara June Wycoff> Don Malcom
Ronnie Malcom>Sharon
Kerry Malcom>Sarah...SAm, Isaac, Beth
Riley Malcom
Jimmy Grant Malcom
Austin Malcom
Aubrey MAlcom

James Edward Wycoff> Charlotte Dunigan
Andrea Wycoff
Nicole Nave>Troy Campbell....Chole, David
Aaron Nave

Robin Wycoff
April Wycoff
Casey Wycoff

Marilyn Jill Wycoff> Thomas Willey
Lyn Michelle Willey>Andrew Tefertiller
Drew Tefertiller
LAuren Tefertiller
Zach Tefertiller
Jessica TEfertiller

Melanie James Willey>Danny Floyd
Rachel Retherford
Lindsey Retherford
Josh Floyd
Jack Floyd

David Ralph Wycoff> Carol Henderson
Sacha Wren>Marcos
Juniper MAe Breedlove
Beila James Rose
Kalliope Alexander Grace

Peter David Wycoff
James William Wycoff


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  2. I can't get this to format very well, but it's what I have from Elma Farmer's line. I hope it makes sense when it posts. :(

    Elma Wycoff> Ralph Farmer

    Virginia Farmer> John Hopper

    Rebecca Hopper
    Danny Hopper> Denise
    Whitney Hopper> Chet Grinaldi
    Ethan Hopper

    Johnnie Farmer> William F. Geisz

    James William Geisz>Laurie Michelle Gardner
    William Gardner Geisz
    Chelsey Michelle Geisz
    Daniel Geisz
    Joseph Geisz
    Benjamin Wallace Geisz

    Nancy Louise Geisz> Richard H. Kellahan
    Reid Louise Kellahan> ?
    Conner Kellahan
    Kathleen Rose Kellahan
    Richard Haddon Kellahan

    Julia Annette Geisz> Frank Theus
    Micah James Theus
    Nathan Theus
    Joshua Theus

    Janet Virginia Geisz> Mark Rowden
    Jane Ellen Rowden
    Peter Douglas Rowden

    John Robert Geisz> Starlette D. Finefrock
    Victoria Paige Geisz
    Luke Andrew Geisz
    Lindsey Michelle Geisz
    Jacob Matthew Geisz

    Peter Anthony Geisz> Julie A. Watkins
    Hannah Rose Geisz
    Sarah Emmaline Geisz
    Mark David Geisz
    Stewart Samuel Geisz

  3. Who is Whitney Hopper and Ethan Hopper? I thought Rebecca and Danny were Aunt Elmas only children??